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Choosing Your Personal Information Management Software

The main idea behind all Personal Information Management software (PIMs) is to provide an individual with a tool able to help him/her to be more organized and more efficient at work. Unlike other software, a PIM has to meet several specific requirements imposed by its “personal” nature of use. A few basic criteria you should take into account when choosing a PIM are presented below. This should be helpful for you to choose a software that really fits your needs.

Since a PIM is supposed to be used very intensively, it has to be quick in the uptake. In most cases you should be able to perform basic actions with only one or two mouse clicks. A PIM software should not require you to make much efforts to do simple things, it has to be extremely convenient and easy-to-use. Personal information management assumes time management as well. You setup reminders to show you a right information at a right time. Below are two live examples, regarding how a PIM should handle your reminders.

What would you do if you have to give a call to somebody 5 minutes from now? You may wait and think about the issue in the next 5 minutes, you may forget about it at once, or you may use a suitable software. If you are using such an application, it may require you to make so much efforts to set up an alert that you would better ditch the idea at all. A good software will set up a reminder for you with just a couple of mouse clicks. The program should be always at hand yet not cluttering your desktop. It has to provide you with the ability to quickly jot down notes as well.

For sure you will agree that the way of how a PIM software actually reminds you is very important. Here is another live example. What would you do if a reminder triggers while you are concentrating on editing of an important document? You may immediately click the "Ok" button to get rid of the half-screen large dialog window and forget about the reminder at once and forever, or you may choose to divert from your current work to set a new time interval and postpone the annoying reminder. A gentle PIM should not distract you even when reminding you. It should have an option for gentle alerts in order to remind you without any interruption of your current work, it should provide you with the opportunity to rapidly postpone a reminder in order to protect you from annoying distractions.

So, a good PIM software should be quick and unobtrusive. However, there are some additional requirements it should comply with. First, it should provide you with an easy access to your schedule and second, it should perform an automatic backup of your information. You will find a PIM more convenient if it is able to adjust its look and feel in accordance with your personal preferences. The program should be able to play back sound in popular formats to accompany your reminders. The last two “requirements” are rather “wishes”, but their fulfillment would greatly contribute to your comfort at work.

If you are looking for a PIM, you should bear in mind that a good software should be unobtrusive, simple and powerful at the same time. It should not distract you even when reminding you, it should not require you to click your mouse without a reason, it should have a simple and clear interface and it should provide you with a comfort at your workplace. Take your time to find a software that really fits your needs, it will spare your time and efforts daily in the future. Good luck!

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