Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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Cute Reminder's Quick access panel can be colored according to your preferences. You can use predefined colorings or create your own. The colorings editor is embedded directly into the application.  
You select, modify, save and delete colorings from within the "Colors" tab in the Preferences window accessible from the "File/Preferences" menu of the Control center. You can schedule a coloring change creating a recurring reminder which text begins with the #color command. In this case the colors will be changed automatically according to the reminder's schedule (the reminder sign will not show up on your screen).  
Example: #color<violet>  
This will change the current coloring to "violet".  
Tip: You can assign different colors to morning, working hours, evening, holidays or another events such as birthdays. You can easily switch Cute Reminder's colors from bright to dim and from sharp to soft in order to create the feeling you want.  
Note: Reminders which begin with the #color command will be invisible in the "Schedule" view of the Control center. To view, edit and delete them, please use the "Reminders" view of the Control center.  
IMPORTANT: Unregistered version of Cute Reminder will not save the coloring that you select. Each time Cute Reminder starts it will load the default coloring. The #color command is not available in the unregistered version. To remove trial restrictions you must REGISTER.  

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