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  Collecting Data

You can easily collect data  
If you want to collect data related to a particular issue from different sources such as various web-sites, e-mails etc., it is helpful to use the Stay-on-top feature of a note.  
1.Create a new note using the Quick access panel.  
2.Make the note stay-on-top by right-clicking on its title bar and selecting "Stay on top" from the pop-up menu.  
3.Place the note to any desired location by dragging it.  
4.Select a text in an application, which you want to copy to the note. You can do this with your mouse or keyboard.  
5.Copy the text into the clipboard (right-click it and select "Copy" or press Ctrl+Ins).  
6.Activate the note by clicking it (its title bar will appear).  
7.Paste the text from the clipboard (right-click on the note and select "Paste" or press Shift+Ins).  
Note: Ideas provide the same Stay-on-top feature as notes. You should consider using notes to store valuable information since notes are always saved into the history when you delete them. Ideas are never saved into the history.  

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