Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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  Health Care

Cute Reminder is able to care for your health  
It is recommended that you set an intraday recurring reminder (repeating each 20-30 min) for short breaks. Each time it appears on your screen you should take a break for 1-2 minutes, look away from your monitor and possibly stand up and do a simple exercise.  
Example (repeat each exercise 2-3 times)  
1.Rotate left-right your head.  
2.Bow your head back and forth.  
3.Put your hands together and stretch them up.  
4.Rotate left-right your body.  
5.Stand up and raise your knees by turns up to the waist.  
By doing this you will improve your blood circulation and avoid overstrain while working.  
Note: Cute Reminder will not distract you from your current work when reminding you. You can work calmly until you complete the current part of it and then take a break. If you miss a break, you will get the reminder on the next break exactly at the scheduled time; feel free to ignore this reminder at your own discretion.  
Note: You can check the "Ignore missed" option for intraday repeating reminders to hide the ones older than two (2) hours. This is helpful if you do not want to see missed (intraday repeating) reminders of yesterday.  

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