Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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  Linking E-mails, Files and Web-pages

If you update a file on a regular basis or visit a web-site to track news and events, you can set up a reminder with an appropriate link. You can make a reminder to compose an e-mail letter if you have to send regular e-mails such as reports or newsletters. Cute Reminder will prompt you on the issue and propose to open the link for you. To activate a linked object, click the "Start!" button in the window that appears when you point a reminder with your mouse.  
What can be linked?  
1.Document files such as Word or Excel.  
2.Audio files such as mp3 or wma.  
3.Web sites. Example:  
4.E-mail addresses. The "mailto:" prefix should be used for the e-mail. Example:  
5.Any executable programs that you want to be launched (e.g. antivirus or backup).  
To create a link in a reminder  
1.Open the Control center.  
2.Create a new reminder or edit an existing one (see the topic Operating Reminders for details).  
3.Click the "Advanced" ("Change") button.  
4.Browse a file to create a link or type the link directly in the field "File or link".  
5.Click "Ok".  

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