Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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  Other Options

You operate the following options from within the "Options" tab in the "Preferences" window accessible from the "File/Preferences" menu of the Control center.  
Run at Windows start up  
It is highly recommended this option to be turned on (checked). If Cute Reminder is not running, it is unable to remind you and you will not see your notes.  
Show toolbar text (Control center)  
If you are familiar with Cute Reminder and do not need text labels in the toolbar, you can switch this option off (uncheck). Otherwise, turn this option on (check it).  
Disable when screen saver is running  
If you do not want your reminders to be triggered when a screen saver is active, turn this option on (check it). It will prevent others from seeing your reminders while you are away from your computer.  
Arrange differently colored notes separately  
Turn this option on (check it) to be able to arrange the notes having the same color independent from others. It is very helpful if you group your notes according to different colors. Example: blue - personal notes, yellow - work related, red - most important.  
Ideas will reappear in ... days  
You can set the time interval your ideas will wait to reappear on your desktop. The default setting is three (3) days. Shorter time interval corresponds to intensive creation of ideas; it is appropriate for people having creative nature of job. Longer time interval is suitable for people who want to collect most deliberate ideas.  
Automatically prevent notes from moving off the screen on a resolution change  
Check this item if you want Cute Reminder to rearrange all notes and ideas on your desktop each time your screen resolution changes. Computer games often change the screen resolution. You may want to turn this option off if you keep Cute Reminder running when playing games on your computer. This will prevent unwanted resize of your notes.  
Quick panel open/close speed  
Adjust the speed the Quick access panel moves according to your preferences.  

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