Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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  Quick Operations

The following concepts provide maximum simplicity of basic operations in Cute Reminder.  
Distributed across desktop  
Cute Reminder does not have a single "main" window. It consists of a Quick access panel, reminder signs placed on the right of your desktop, notes and ideas placed and arranged anywhere on the desktop and a Control center accessible from the Quick access panel.
Quick access panel  

This is the main control point of Cute Reminder. It is located on the right of the screen. Normally only a small part of the Quick access panel is visible to the user. The panel will only open to its full width when your mouse cursor moves over it. Four buttons on the panel are used to quickly store ideas, create notes, set up reminders and access the Control center that provides the advanced functionality of Cute Reminder. You use the Quick access panel to perform basic operations and access the Control center.
Note: The shape and colors of the Quick access panel may vary depending on the user's preferences.  
Reminder signs  

A reminder sign notifies you of an event. It shows automatically the first words of the text associated with a particular reminder. This gives you a tip immediately when a sign appears on the screen. You can see the whole reminder text by simply moving your mouse pointer over a sign.
No mouse clicks except when necessary  
Cute Reminder is quite flexible and sensitive to respond to mouse movements. Both the Quick access panel and reminder windows open without mouse clicks. This substantially reduces user efforts while operating the program. You are not forced to click the mouse without a reason.
Quick schedule update  

The schedule of an event frequently changes for reasons beyond our control. Cute Reminder is specially designed to support those frequent changes. It provides you with the ability to update a reminder schedule with just one mouse click.

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