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  Saving the Information

The Issue  
Sometimes important data such as phone numbers and/or names of contact persons get lost. This means that a very uncomfortable and time-consuming procedure has to be performed in order to recover the necessary information. Sometimes it is enough to turn over the pages of a personal diary, sometimes however a huge amount of papers need to be searched thoroughly. Even so, it is not guaranteed that the information can be retrieved.  
The Solution  
One of the important functions of Cute Reminder is backing up your information. Cute Reminder saves the information into History, the content of which is easily accessible. Each record in the History corresponds to a particular event and has a time stamp so you can determine in the future at what time the specified event has occurred. You can find what you need in the History in seconds.  
Not all events are saved into History. Here is a description of how Cute Reminder handles various events:  

Reminders. Daily, weekly, monthly/annual or intraday repeating reminders are never saved into History. Non-repeating reminders* are saved immediately when created, when changed, when postponed and when done (deleted).

Notes. The notes are saved into History only when they are deleted. All the changes in a note which happened before its deletion will not be reflected in the History.

Ideas. Ideas are never saved into History.
* Note: All the reminders created through the Quick access panel are non-repeating; they will be saved into History.  
This backup strategy is reasonable to prevent History from being cluttered with junk data making it hard to find information you really need. Please take into account the following simple guidelines according to the information backup strategy.  
1.Do not store any important information (like phone numbers) in repeating reminders or ideas.  
2.Feel free to make any changes to non-repeating reminders - they will be saved into the History.  
3.Feel free to append new information to an existing note or delete the entire note.  

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