Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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You select skins from within the "Skins" tab in the Preferences window accessible from the "File/Preferences" menu of the Control center. You can schedule a skin change by creating a recurring reminder which text begins with the #skin command. The skin will be changed automatically according to the reminder's schedule (the reminder's sign will not show up on your screen).  
Example: #skin<Satori>  
This will change the current skin to "Satori".  
Tip: You can assign different skins to morning, working hours, evening, holidays or another events such as birthdays.  
Note: Reminders which begin with the #skin command will be invisible in the "Schedule" view of the Control center. To view, edit and delete them, please use the "Reminders" view of the Control center.  
IMPORTANT: Unregistered version of Cute Reminder will not save the skin that you select. Each time Cute Reminder starts it will load the default skin. The #skin command is not available in the unregistered version. To remove trial restrictions you must REGISTER.  

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