Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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You can add sounds to accompany your reminders. Cute Reminder recognizes which sound to play automatically depending on keywords. You operate sounds from within the "Audio" tab in the "Preferences" window accessible from the "File/Preferences" menu of the Control center.  
To play the default sound each time a reminder triggers  
Check the box "Use default sound". Select a sound from the drop-down list or browse a sound file with the "File..." button. Now each time a reminder's sign appears on your screen you will hear the selected sound.  
Note: Cute Reminder will play the default sound only if it can not find keywords in the reminder message. If it can find a keyword, then it will play the corresponding sound file.  
To add new keywords  
1.Click the "Add" button.  
2.Enter keywords instead of the phrase "Enter_word_here" separating them with commas from each other. Example: meeting, committee, presentation  
To assign sound files to specific keywords  
1.Select with your mouse (or with the arrow keys on your keyboard) the second column in a row containing the keywords, which you want to assign the sound to.  
2.Click the drop down button to select a predefined sound.  
3.If you want to use another audio file, click the "Browse" button to find it.  
To edit keywords  
You can edit keywords directly in a cell. If you want to assign a single sound to a group of keywords, please separate them with commas from each other.  
To test a sound  
1.Select a cell containing the name of an audio file.  
2.Make sure that the "Test phrase" field is empty.  
3.Click "Test" to play the sound.  
4.Click "Stop" to interrupt the sound.  
Note: You can get an error message in case no suitable audio decoder is installed on your system or if a file can not be found. Windows 98/ME users may need to install Windows Media Player in case they experience problems with playing audio files. Please see the topic How to install audio decoding software in our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.  
To test keywords  
1.Type in the phrase you want to test in the "Test phrase" field.  
2.Click the "Test" button. You will hear the sound corresponding to the first keyword Cute Reminder finds in the phrase.  
3.Click "Stop" to interrupt the sound.  

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