Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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  Why Cute Reminder?

There is a vast amount of information people have to deal with everyday. It is necessary to keep in mind calls, meetings, appointments, prices, events, etc. The information may be time-critical or not, it may be more or less significant and more or less structured. Even though the information may be incomplete or unreliable, it is important not to lose it.  
Nowadays possession of required information is a basic factor for success. This is a rule both for enterprises and individuals. There is an extensive choice of software solutions for enterprises on the market today. The situation seems to be similar in the "personal" segment of the software market as well. However, that is not the case.  
Most of the information a person deals with during a working day is not well structured. At the same time, the human brain operates best with those issues that are well formed and structured. Other issues exhaust memory and brain resources, downgrade creativity potential, comfort, lifestyle and may lead to stress. That is why information management software aimed for personal use has to be extremely user friendly. It must provide an individual with comfort in computer-human interaction.  
We have conducted market research into the segment of software solutions aimed to help individuals in their everyday work and discovered that the quality of that software is incredibly bad. Most of the "solutions" turned out to become additional problems when applied to solve the original one.  
There is a wide range of software available to store well-structured personal information like phone numbers, addresses and birthdays, but there are no tools providing the ability to manage unstructured information quickly and easily. There are no natural and simple solutions. There are no solutions able to essentially facilitate the daily pressure of information and provide an individual with a comfortable workplace whether in the office or at home.  
That is why we have developed Cute Reminder.  
The main goals of Cute Reminder are:  

To make it easy and natural for you to manage your information

To protect your mind from overstrain

To encourage your creativity
Using Cute Reminder while developing it convinced us that Cute Reminder makes a workplace more comfortable, it helps an individual to be more organized and more efficient, it substantially reduces workload and it contributes to creative work.  
Cute Reminder introduces some profitable new ideas and concepts in personal information management. It is important to understand and use them in order to get maximum benefit from using Cute Reminder. You will also find in Cute Reminder some well-known time-proven approaches that are commonly used in personal information management.  

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